A day out on the islands around Singapore – with the children.

St Johns, Lazarus, Kusu 

If you’ve got an extra day in Singapore and want to do something not too ‘touristy’ then the islands are a good choice. These islands are located south of Singapore.

Before you head off to the islands, here are a few key things to remember. It is hot…. so if you are like me and are use to temperate climate, this will be an unbearable heat for you.  At 35 degrees Celcius, hats and sunblock are essential. Do bring lots of cold water and a picnic since there aren’t any places to buy food, however, they are in the process of building a food court on Kusu island. I suggest that if you have a sun cover for your push chair bring that too and maybe a couple of towels to lay on the sand. Now, I did find mosquitoes on the island so mosquito repellent was very handy at that point. 

Getting there

All you need to know about getting there can be found via Island cruise .

St Johns Island– history tells us that this island was previously used as a quarantine station for Cholera , Beri Beri and numerous other illness in the 19th century. I had a fortunate experience of a local telling me his history of coming to Singapore as a child from China. 

He was just 9 years old (1960) and there was a famine in China. His father who had already migrated to Singapore in to work, applied for the rest of the family to migrate. When they arrived, they were put on this island for a week in quarantine. He recalled having tea for the first time and said “it was the best tea I ever had” . ☺️

I really enjoy hearing stories from people and I enjoy learning about the history of a place, but we also took this trip to the islands so the children can experience a very different side of Singapore. 

You can walk around St. John’s island and enjoy the beautiful scenery and swim in clear green water. There are wild cats and monkeys who are not shy of saying hello but I wasn’t brave enough  to touch them or allow the children to pet them. 

There are lots of locals who use the islands to fish and there is a fishing farm just off of St Johns island. The only down fall of this island is that there is only one toilet and it’s not in immaculate condition but there’s soap and water. 

Lazarus island– We walked over to Lazarus island which took us about 30 minutes (we lingered to watch the monkeys and cats). Once we got to Lazarus island we found our spot and set up our picnic area. There were several boats which anchored nearby but still a good distance away, enough for us to swim. There were other locals enjoying jet skiing and other water sports. 

We had a kite and tried to fly that, sadly, we weren’t very good at it. There are a couple of pavilions and lots of shady trees where you can shelter from the sweltering heat. 

After lunch, lots of hydration and a reapply of sunblock, we strolled back to the pier to catch the boat to Kusu island. 

Kusu island 

A beautiful island with a Malaysian and a Chinese temple. The island is home to monkeys, cats and tortoises. We spent our time walking around and enjoying the tranquil setting. I look forward to going back once the food court is finished. 

All in all a good day spent relaxing.

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