A short trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the kids in tow. 

I’ll admit, Malaysia was my idea, all my friends who’d been there raved that it was ‘amazing’, the food was soooo good. Honestly, I just wanted to see the Petronas twin towers. So we booked to stay for two days in KL and then two days in Genting Highlands.

Getting there

We were flying from Singapore so the flight was only 40 minutes and the journey from KL airport to the city centre took and hour, altogether a relatively short journey. We arrived to our apartment near the Petronas Twin towers at around 13:00. We had already eaten lunch at the airport so we were just going to put our things in the apartment and start exploring.  However, our children had other ideas… they needed a bit of down time in the apartment to just play and unwind. The temperature outside was a scorching 34 degrees Celsius so whilst I wanted to explore, I didn’t want to be out in that heat. Instead, we ventured out around 16:00.

The Petronas Twin Towers 

Every bit as magnificent as it looks. Inside the towers is a shopping mall with all things designer and a variety of food places. At the back of the towers is a park where you could let your children marvel at the fountains or you could walk a little further to the water park and let them cool down (of course just ensure you’ve got towel and a change of clothes).

Now that I’d ticked that off my list, I was happy but my hubby insisted that we should go up the towers, since we were here and all. For my 6 year old son, this was something he wanted to do too. Tickets for the towers are limited and whilst you can purchase online, you can also buy on the day, but it’s a first come first serve basis and you don’t get a huge choice of time slots but I don’t think that matters too much.

The view from the tower is incredible.  

You do get a 360 degree view from the top of the tower and it’s worth every penny spent.

Petaling market

On our second day we ventured to the famous Petaling market. It was ridiculously hot, so hats and sunblock were essential. We took frozen bottles of water because the children could cuddle them to stay cool.

There is a variety of things to buy here, locals expect you to bargain for things. Thank goodness things were fairly cheap because our son wanted model airplanes. Most negotiations were about the number of model airplanes he was allowed.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the market. It was a buzzing place filled with tourists and locals alike. Food places are many and we chose to eat at a food court (Keep in mind that toilets don’t always have soap, so antibacterial hand gel and wet wipes are very handy) because I wanted to have authentic Malaysian food. As it’s a food court, there were many options and the children ate well. 

KL is a huge city and there is so much to do, so having a plan on what you want to do is a good idea. I’ll admit the heat in KL was a limiting factor in how much we could do in two days but I don’t feel that we missed out on anything.

KL tower at night
KL on the street
Old buildings in KL
Durian – either you love it or you hate it… I don’t love it..

We spent two days in KL before heading to Genting Highlands for a much needed break from the intense heat.

Genting Highlands

We took a taxi to Genting Highlands which took an hour and did not cost very much. This option was preferable because of the children.

Our hotel was right at the top of the mountain which was so cloudy that visibility was minimal. We took  the “skyway” which is a cable car from about halfway up the mountain  to our hotel.

Our 6 year old loved this! He was super excited. This cable car journey is one of the longest in the world so definitely worth going.

The First World Hotel is huge and busy. We were not impressed with the rooms but the views out over the scenic rainforest is beautiful. The theme park is not yet opened and there were extensive renovations going on. With that said, just exploring what the hotel had to offer took the best part of a day. There are numerous eating places and casinos if you wanted to check those out. My children we literally spent on just exploring with us. We took the cable car to the Chin Swee Caves temple. It was a quiet day. We had lots of time to explore the temple and the caves. Being surrounded by such natural beauty is simply wonderful.

The following day we visited the Genting strawberry farm. Yes …. I was surprised too. My children absolutely loved it.  They picked strawberries and enjoyed the experience but best of all they enjoyed eating every single one ! 

The only warning I’ll give about this farm is it’s a bit of a tourist trap in that there are photographers trying to get you to have your photos taken and if you want them you’ll pay quite a bit for them.  Just be polite and decline because it ruins the experience of the farm and the beautiful flower gardens!

The Main Street with restaurants. You can eat well very cheaply here in Genting.

Malaysia has so much to offer in the  city and of course out in the rainforests. The places I went to are just a taste of what’s on offer in this huge country. I would love to go back one day and explore more of this place.

Can you do Malaysia with your children? Of course you can….. it’s all up to you!

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