Hi, welcome to mum on a plane !

When I became a mum, I didn’t think about how I was going to get on a plane with my  8 week old son, I just did. Travelling has been a passion of mine since I was a child. Being born and raised in the Caribbean, I wanted to see the world, experience different cultures, lifestyles and languages. My first plane experience was at the age of 6 months ( not that I remember) and I wanted my children to experience that.

As a family we have travelled to North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia and across Asia with our children and  continue to enjoy travelling as a family as much as we did before we had them. Travelling with my children has become easier over the years simply through experience and planning. There is also a wealth of information flooding the internet about family travel, after  all, there is so much to consider, not to mention, the reality of being a working mum means you have limited holiday time and if you have children at school, a holiday during school holidays normally cost a fortune.  My experience of travelling with our children since they were only weeks old, has taught me so much. There are always those little tips that I wished I had known earlier which save you a whole lot of trouble (and sometimes money). I hope that by sharing my stories, you will have a laugh, find inspiration and encouragement to pack your bags (and your children’s) and get on that plane!